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Moving Forward

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Meet the For Humanity Team!

Founder & CEO

Damien Ross

Damien has been working in the recovery & mental health space for over 6 years. He has been in recovery since 08/10/12 and has dedicated his life to supporting others. Ever since his treatment experience, Damien has been passionate about fixing the treatment process and providing support to people globally.

Damien founded Pocket Rehab in 2015 and has successfully grown the community to over 150k members. Utilizing the For Humanity NFT gallery, he will grow Pocket Rehabto it's full potential making it thr premiere recovery platform for the world!

Lead Developer

Jacques Du Toit

I was in long lost search for something bigger but, after I found recovery and joined the Pocket Rehab team I definitely found something much bigger! Bigger commitments to group efforts, that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Head Influencer

Roy Law

Roy Law is the founder and CEO of NFTs of Wall Street. Outside of his team building and marketing expertise within the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token realm, he is also known for his high level of commitment to the Department of Children and Families.

Beyond marketing for the For Humanity Team, he assists with NFT account services, artist management, brand development, Instagram services, content creation, along with providing knowledge geared towards the minting process of NFTs, and cryptocurrency education.

Head Designer

Shruthi Giridhar

Shruthi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has been reflecting others' imagination/concepts on canvas for the past 9 years. Technology has made the world small and she has been able to approach many people through a couple of freelancing platforms, this has opened various doors both nationally and Internationally, particularly those who wanted NFT designs. So far she has done more than 180 NFT projects successfully.

"When Damien explained this concept, I thought I must join my hands with him and serve the society through my art in a more meaningful way. I thank Damien for giving me this opportunity. "

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For Humanity Roadmap

Together We Rise

Timeline Image

Q1-Q2 2022

  • Build NFT Team
  • Develop Website
  • Artwork Created
  • Build the Discord community and grow our following
  • Finalize Whitepaper
  • Launch NFT
  • Sweepstakes and Percentage ownership of a Treatment Center
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  • Begin the development of Pocket Rehab 2.0 (Plan in place 6 months dev)
  • Simultaneously building the web version of Pocket Rehab
  • Begin content creation for the 2.0 release
  • Purchase Property in the Metaverse for Rehab in the Metaverse
  • Continue to build the Pocket Rehab and For Humanity communities
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  • Continue to work on the development of App and Web Technology
  • Increase security and become HIPPA compliant
  • Plan to become 100% independent of all 3rd party software and servers
  • Solidify the team for our digital treatment plan and begin creation (4-6 Months)
  • Create Partnership, Sponsorships and Endorsements
  • Develop 2nd NFT artwork and plan
  • Search for a famous artist for a special auction of a 1 of 1 NFT (Beeple reach out )
  • Grow the Pocket Rehab team (Tech & Sales)
  • Timeline Image


  • Continue to grow all platforms and the team for 2023
  • Expand the Alumni and Coaching platform of Pocket Rehab
  • Purchase a brick-and-mortar Rehab center (70% ownership with current staff in place)
  • By end of Phase V send at least 1 member per month from Pocket Rehab to inpatient treatment that can’t afford to go otherwise
  • Cont. design of 2rd NFT collection for use in Metaverse
  • Timeline Image


  • Begin the process to create Pocket Rehab / For Humanity Coin
  • Design and create UI/UX for treatment center software
  • Insurance verification protocol for app and treatment center software
  • Initiate development of Metaverse rehab
  • Hype the Token
  • Begin AI Predictive keyboard – Is someone suicidal / Percent chance of relapse / More - Lexicon - Online intervention (1 year for development)
  • Timeline Image


  • Begin development of SaaS for treatment centers
  • Integrate insurance capability into Pocket Rehab app / web
  • Set up the sales team for SaaS
  • Begin recruiting Therapists to add to the platform
  • Launch 2rd NFT
  • Timeline Image

    Q4 2023 - Q1 2024

  • Optimize all technology
  • Develop Medically assisted treatment via App and Web
  • Begin NFT 3rd Project
  • Launch Pocket Rehab / For Humanity token
  • Timeline Image


  • Roll out SaaS
  • Updates and further development of all technology as needed
  • Integrate Keyboard for AI and Lexicon for testing
  • Timeline Image

    Q3 2024+

  • Sign up 1% of treatment centers by years end (1% of Rehabs in US is 150 centers)
  • Increase SOM by .5 % per quarter 2024
  • Increase SOM by 1 % per quarter 2025
  • Make the Pocket Rehab app the must have for recovery / Mental health
  • Take the majority of the SaaS as Treatment centers of all kinds will need it to run facilities
  • Expand Metaverse presence and be the dominant rehab in the metaverse
  • Purchase additional Rehabs within the US
  • Purchase Rehabs outside the US
  • Model for “Gym Membership Social Club” (3rd NFT)
  • Explore NFT Collection